Temptu Airbrushing Makeup Kit – A Detailed Review

Temptu Airbrush Makeup KitThe benefits of silicone based makeup are well known and oft-celebrated. Unlike water formulas, they are pretty much indestructible. Silicon will stand up to rain, humidity, fidgety fingers, sweat, tears, and general daily wear.

The downside is that they can be hard to get rid of when you want a fresh face. Certainly, if you’re going to use S/B cosmetics with an airbrush applicator, you also need a powerful cleanser. Water alone won’t remove this makeup at the end of the day.

The Temptu Pro S/B Airbrushing Kit is one of the best Airbrush Makeup Products on the market. So, we’re going to take a closer look at some of its main features.

Getting to Grips with the Best Bits

All of the cosmetics in this Temptu set have a silicone formula, so be aware of this before you buy. Not everybody likes S/B makeup because it has a more viscous quality than water. It can be tricky to blend at first, and most ladies need a little practice. However, the company also offers water and alcohol (for body art) based ranges.

The other thing to note is that there are only foundations here. This is not a full makeup kit with eyes, blush concealer, and everything in between. It does offer a range of twelve high-quality shades though. They extend from the palest of dewy tones to some much darker shades for olive complexions and beyond.

We have to say that the longevity of these products is fantastic. They are a popular choice with brides because coverage can last as long as fourteen hours before it starts to fade. When applied correctly, in light circular motions, they create the appearance of natural skin. The intent is not just to cover and conceal but to make it look like you’re not wearing cover at all.

Airbrush Makeup Kit Includes

In this set, you get the twelve foundation shades. You also get the Temptu 2.0 Airbrush Compressor and Applicator Gun. The spray gun is really lightweight at just under two pounds, so you won’t get strained wrists when applying. In addition, there’s a series of cleaning tools and a special cleaning formula.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup Tutorial Video

Fortunately, the major brands understand that airbrush cosmetics haven’t been a part of the mainstream for long. They have been around in professional settings, but lots of ladies are yet to experiment with spray applicators.

This is why Temptu has created a makeup tutorial video for anybody who needs some quick pointers on how to prep and use the airbrush applicator. Click here to watch the video now.

Feature Highlights

The Temptu Pro Airbrushing Kit is a very generous product in several different ways. Not only can you use it without a cord (which makes it suitable for travel), the applicator is compatible with other makeup brands. Again, this is quite an unusual feature, but it’s a highly valuable one. It gives you the freedom to combine the foundations with other types of makeup.

It is one of the most lightweight applicators that we’ve tried. Even when settling in for quite a lengthy beauty session, it doesn’t put pressure on the wrist. While the S/B formula does have a tendency to clog, the cleaning solution makes short work of blockages. Just remember to check the inside of the gun on a regular basis and clear out any excess product.

Colors - 9/10
Qaulity - 10/10
Ease Of Use - 9/10
Price - 6/10


This comprehensive kit is a great choice whether you’re trying airbrush cosmetics for the first time or looking for a new applicator. It is compact, lightweight and it boasts a fully rechargeable battery, which is quite an unusual feature for a retail product.

8.5 / 10