Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup System – A Detailed Review

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush MakeupWhether you’re an airbrush virgin or an experienced sprayer on the hunt for new products, it can be tricky to know which brands are best. There are lots of airbrush kits on the market, with everybody from Dinair to Temptu, Glam Air, and Tickled Pink offering highly rated cosmetics.

Photo Finish is another name to add to your list, but it might just be the only one you need. The Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup System is ideal for combination skin. It combines intense, radiant colors with a long lasting mineral formula.

So, this kit definitely deserves your attention. Let’s take a closer look at some of its main features and strengths.

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup System Review

Colors - 5/10
Qaulity - 6/10
Ease Of Use - 8/10
Price - 10/10

7 / 10

The Cosmetics

As mentioned, the cosmetics included in this kit have a mineral base. This makes them significantly more wear resistant than water based formulas. They are usually not quite as lightweight though, so it’s a good idea to spray moderately and add more layers if necessary.

The set includes a blush, concealer, five foundation shades, a shimmer, an anti-aging primer, and a finishing powder. It is designed to be a complete system. It is the ‘go to’ tool when you need long-lasting, high pigment color.

According to Photo Finish, their makeup lasts for a minimum of twenty-four hours. We found this to be little too generous, especially if you get stuck in bad weather or have to work in humid conditions. It is a great choice for regular nine to five use though.

The Major Pros

We love that this makeup is smudge proof. If you’re a bit of a fidget and you like to play with your face and hair, you won’t also end up smearing your foundation. The coverage provided is even and smooth, but it doesn’t have that dewiness which can make the skin look, well, a bit sweaty and tired.

The size and shape of the applicator are useful too. It comes with its own stylish case, so you should have no trouble packing it in a suitcase when traveling. Our verdict is that the Photo Finish Professional Makeup System offers a high level of quality for a middle market price. If you’re looking for an applicator gun which will last, it’s a super choice.

The Little Hiccups

There aren’t too many downsides to this airbrush set. The cosmetics aren’t quite as waterproof as claimed (they won’t withstand heavy showers), but they are very robust. In fact, it can be difficult to remove them without a strong cleanser. Don’t forget to keep the applicator gun clean as well. The mineral base is great for flawless coverage, but it has a tendency to clog.

The Gun And Compressor

The compressor in this kit is fully adjustable, so you can change the pressure and speed settings for maximum comfort. It has a reasonably powerful motor (12 volts), but nothing that’s going to feel scary looming in front of your eyes or mouth, thankfully.

The applicator gun itself is one of the best around. It is precision engineered and uses a single action gravity feed to push the colors out evenly. The layers can seem quite thin at first, but this is because the cosmetics are very lightweight. Be careful not to apply too much.

Despite its dainty formula, foundation shades in this Photo Finish Airbrush System are surprisingly robust. When applied correctly, the ultra fine mist sits gently on the skin and expands so that all of the particles join up, with no gaps or streaky bits.

Photo Finish Professional  Airbrush Makeup Tutorial Video

Wrapping up

You get quite a lot for your money with the Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup System. It doesn’t come with any kind of practice DVD (like some other kits), but you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the hang of it. The trick is to start slowly and remember that it always best to under spray.

At least, if you don’t apply enough color, you can just go back and add another layer. If you over spray, you have to start again or settle for a heavy, tight sensation. If you want salon grade cosmetics, for a high street price, this is a product that we’re keen to recommend. It blends and conceals everything from zits to scars, age spots, and even sunburn.