Electrolysis Hair Removal – Treatment Information, Cost & More

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, there are a lot of different options. Most ladies still shave regularly, even if they also use epilator creams or waxing kits. Some rely on salon procedures to remain silky smooth and others invest in more permanent results. One method which often causes confusion is electrolysis, as many people have heard the term but don’t have a full understanding of what it means.

Our guide to the pros and cons of electrolysis will clear up some of the misconceptions and shine a light on this remarkable method of hair removal.


How Does Electrolysis work?

Electrolysis hair removal is quite a complex process, but it works by targeting individual hair follicles. It is safe for use on almost any part of the body (including the face). The follicles are permanently destroyed by inserting a tiny electrode into the center of each one. Small amounts of electrical charge render the hair incapable of regrowth. So, when they are plucked out, after the charge has been applied, they don’t return.

The only major downside to electrolysis is that this targeted approach can take a long time. As hair progresses through three distinct stages of growth, multiple sessions are needed to ensure that both visible and emerging hairs are eliminated. While it may sound like something from a science fiction movie, it is 100% safe and much kinder to the skin than waxing or epilating with chemical creams.

The main concern which people have about electrolysis hair removal, besides the amount of time it takes, is whether or not it causes pain. The issue is a subjective one, because a procedure which some people barely feel might be difficult for others. However, when performed correctly, it should not cause anything but a low level stinging or prickling sensation. If clients do have trouble, practitioners can apply a numbing cream to the treatment area.


How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

The thing to remember about electrolysis is that it offers permanent results. This isn’t an over exaggeration or a marketing ploy. Once the sessions are complete, the hair is gone for good. It goes some way to explaining why the procedure is so expensive. The cost of a session depends entirely on the size of the area being treated and the type of hair.

So, the upper lip, for example, is going to cost a lot less to clear than an arm or leg. Similarly, if you have very thick hair, it is going to take longer and the sessions will be pricier. It is worth pointing out that a region like the bikini line, though smaller than the back or arms, contains significantly thicker, coarser hairs.

As the thickness and density of hair varies so much across treatable areas, the recommended number of treatments is different in every case. On average, the full cost of electrolysis for the upper lip can be anywhere from $350 to $750. For the arms and underarms, it can start at $800 and climb to $1,300 or more. The best way to work out your electrolysis hair removal cost is to speak directly with a qualified practitioner.


How Many Electrolysis Treatments Are Generally Required?

[Adsense_Left]As already mentioned, the number of recommended treatments differs from person to person. There is no hard and fast rule. Electrolysis practitioners can only offer estimates after they have inspected the hair. If you were to request treatment on a very large area, like the back, the number of sessions would be higher.

To completely remove all of the hair from the back (which is pretty much the largest possible treatment area), it could take as long as two years. This will sound unfeasible to many people, but the thing to remember is that the long term rewards definitely outweigh the inconvenience and expense. If you spend a lot of money each month on hair removal products, you’ll likely get a return on your investment very quickly.


How Do I Choose An Electrologist?

Electrolysis hair removal is completely safe when performed correctly. Nevertheless, it is very delicate procedure. If you’re going to volunteer to have electrodes inserted into your face, you want to know that the person wielding them is highly skilled. If you’ve ever been for a wax, eyebrow appointment, or any other salon procedure, pick your electrologist in the same way.

Resist the urge to dive headfirst into a treatment. Instead, shop around and take a peek inside some local clinics. Most electrolysis centers offer consultations, so you can actually go in and have a meeting with a practitioner. This is highly recommended, as it gives them a chance to inspect your hair and give you full price and time-frame estimates.

Needless to say, your chosen electrologist should be fully qualified. Certifications can differ from state to state, so there is no single unifying indicator of skill. However, all good electrologist have passed stringent tests and been approved for practice. The treatment premises should be clean, tidy, and well stocked.


Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal

There has been a lot of debate around the electrolysis vs hair removal question. Which is the superior method and why? Well, it is difficult to say, because the cost factor is substantial when talking about electrolysis. Even though it does offer value for money in the long term (because it provides lifelong results), it will always be too expensive for some people.

On the other hand, most clinics don’t expect clients to pay in huge chunks for their sessions. Some even help with costs by setting up a weekly or monthly payment plan. However, whether or not this is an option will depend entirely on where you receive your treatment. From a technical perspective, electrolysis beats laser hair removal hands down.

Laser removal is not permanent. It lasts for around two years and then the hairs begin to return. However, it usually costs less and it can be completed in a fraction of the time. The average cost for a session is around $200 and experts recommend six sessions per treatment area. Unfortunately, only people with light skin and dark hair are suitable for laser removal. It means that electrolysis is a much more inclusive option.


Can I Buy A Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine?

Currently, electrolysis hair removal cannot be successfully performed at home, without expert help. There may be some brands and companies who say different, but most are not to be trusted. Avoid so-called ‘electric tweezers,’ because they are not approved in every state and almost no regions recognize them as a permanent form of hair removal.

Ultimately, if you’re keen to try electrolysis, the best option is to visit a clinic or salon. You cannot replicate the same results at home and, if you end up using a poor quality product, you could end up damaging your skin. One alternative is to invest in an at home laser kit like the Remington iLight. It is FDA approved and promises to visible reduce hair growth for a minimum of six months.


Electrolysis Cases – Before & After

Take a look at this video of some electrolysis clients before and after finishing their sessions. You’ll see a wide variety of treatment areas, from the arms to the upper lip, the chest, stomach and more. Use it to decide if the results are good enough for you.

Wrapping Up

So, we’ve talked a little about the pros and cons of electrolysis hair removal. We know that it is a time consuming process and that it is also one of the priciest hair removal procedures on the market. On the other hand, it provides truly excellent results and allows people to live the rest of their lives without plucking, shaving, waxing, or applying epilator creams.

While it certainly won’t suit everybody (the cost alone will put many off), it is a valuable service which offers some pretty big rewards to those who can see it through. If you want to know more about electrolysis or laser hair removal, it is best to head down to a clinic and talk to a qualified practitioner. They will be able to answer all of your questions.