Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit – A Detailed Review

When it comes to cosmetics, everybody has their own needs and preferences. Some ladies swear by expensive brushes and applicators, while others take a more creative approach and don’t mind digging into lip gloss and eye shimmer pots with glitter stained fingers.

Similarly, while some people find the prospect of airbrush makeup quite daunting, others are keen to embrace it. At the moment, there is an abundance of spray applicator kits on the market, with many designed specifically for airbrush virgins.

Our Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit review takes a closer look at one of the best products around for beginners.


Knowing What to Expect

The first thing to know about the Dinair Airbrush kit is that it contains everything you need to start spraying. This includes a comprehensive set of instructions, a DVD guide, and a series of practice sheets.

So, it’s definitely aimed at those with no experience, though the quality of the product means that it’s a popular choice with all kinds of people. As part of the kit, you get a Dinair airbrush applicator gun, a compressor tool, and eight different cosmetics.


Getting to Grips with the Gun

The applicator gun is a pretty snazzy device which is encased in shiny silver plastic. If you like your beauty accessories to look good on the dresser, this one fits the bill. You can actually choose from a range of colors (red, black, white, and silver) when you place an order.

The Digital+ Pro Compressor was recently overhauled to make the motor much quieter. It means there are no annoying vibrations when using the Dinair Airbrush Kit. This comes in handy if you live with others and don’t want to make a racket when getting ready in the morning.

The multi-pressure system is remarkably easy to use, even if you’re a newbie. All you have to do to change the speed and pressure of the application is twist the variable dial. You should change the settings when moving from foundation to something like a blush or eye color.


Finding the Perfect Shade

The one big downside to this makeup kit (and many other airbrush sets) is that they don’t always cater to dark skin. When they do, the price is often higher. You cannot use this particular set if your complexion is darker than an olive shade.

However, Dinair does also sell a kit designed for darker skin tones. You get a range of four foundation shades per product. There’s nothing to stop you from mixing and matching them if you don’t find the right one though. In fact, Dinair is quite keen for users to experiment.

All of the makeup is water-based, which means that you don’t get that cakey look with heavier applications. It is also easy to remove at the end of the day. The flipside to this is that water bases can be a bit more fragile than silicon formulations. They don’t usually last as long.


Being an Informed Consumer

As our awareness of certain chemicals and irritants grows, people are demanding more transparency from cosmetic companies. You’ll be pleased to know that this Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit is free of parabens, allergens, and harsh chemicals.

The cosmetics (foundation, concealer, blush, eye colors) have a non-comedogenic formula. They won’t block the pores or cause soreness for sensitive skin. The precision applicator nozzle means that it is suitable for applying eye colors, but be careful and keep them closed.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup Tutorial Video

The Final Verdict

Just the fact that this airbrush kit comes with such a detailed instruction manual makes it one of the best on the market. With so many resources to guide you, it’s easy to start from scratch and be spraying like a pro within the hour.

The only thing that we didn’t like about the Dinair gun is that the hose feels flimsy. It appears to work successfully, but it lacks the sturdiness of other mainstream brands. There is a chance that you may end up having to replace it, but the warranty should cover any sudden issues.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Colors - 8/10
Qaulity - 7/10
Ease Of Use - 9/10
Price - 6/10