AeroBlend Airbrush Makeup Kit – A Detailed Review

aeroblend airbrush makeup kit starterIf you’re new to airbrush cosmetics, you might be wondering where to start and which brands to consider. There are a number of highly regarded names on the market, but they all offer slightly different things.

Finding the right airbrush makeup kit is all about identifying your needs and picking a product which feels like it was made just for you.

Getting to Grips with the Main Features

AeroBlend Pro is a popular brand primarily because its foundations have a reputation for looking fabulous all day. They are extremely lightweight, so you get to enjoy flawless coverage without any kind of tightness or dehydration. The formula is so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing at all. It’s lucky then that these cosmetics are smudge and streak resistant.

The products are water-based which is preferable if you have sensitive skin or are prone to dry patches. As they are all free from parabens, artificial fragrances, and other irritants, any skin type is suitable. Just like most airbrush kits, it’s hard to escape the feeling that the foundation is the real star of the show here.

The blush, shimmer, and primer are high quality, but they’re eclipsed by the photo ready coverage it provides. It is a popular choice for events like weddings and proms for exactly this reason. If you’re going to be in front of a camera, you want to know that your pores are HD perfect. In our experience, water based cosmetics don’t last as long as silicone ones, but we were pleasantly surprised by an average wear of eight to ten hours.

What Does the Airbrush Makeup Kit Include?

This AeroBlend Airbrush Makeup Pro Starter Kit includes the following items. There are sixteen shades of foundation. There are six blush colors, one highlighter, and one bronzer. You also get a double action airbrush stylus gun, with a super quiet compressor motor. Each kit comes with a small rubber hose for mess-free applications and an 110 volt AC plug.

What We Liked

  • Foundation is HD compatible
  • Huge range of foundation shades
  • Super quiet motor for fuss-free applications
  • Long lasting formula (at least 7-8 hours)

Not Crazy About

  • Not entirely water resistant (might streak)
  • Not great at covering wrinkles/deep lines
  • Applicator gun may clog (requires cleaning)

Feature Highlights

The biggest strengths of this AeroBlend kit are the quality of its foundation and the durability of all its cosmetics. The reality is that there are longer lasting products on the market, but they are few and far between. Most claim to go ‘all day’ and disintegrate at the first hint of rain or humidity.

What we like about these cosmetics is that they are built to last for an entire working day. So, if you insist on looking your best at the office, you won’t have to spend your lunch break reapplying. The range of shades included is huge, and it’s lots of fun mixing and matching once you get the hang of spray applications.

AeroBlend Tutorial Video

If you’re keen to try the AeroBlend Airbrush Kit, but you’re new to airbrush cosmetics, there are plenty of tutorials available online. Click here to check out one of the best. It will show you how to prep and maintain your applicator gun, as well as how to create a flawless complexion within minutes.

AeroBlend Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Colors - 9/10
Qaulity - 6/10
Ease Of Use - 8/10
Price - 8/10


For an airbrush applicator which won’t leave you bewildered, try the AeroBlend Airbrush Makeup Kit Starter Pack. It comes with a bronzer, blush, shimmer, primer, and foundation. In fact, there are sixteen shades of foundation, so you’re bound to find a perfect match.

8 / 10

Wrapping up